Sunday, February 26, 2017

Getting Back and Coming Home

It's been almost a year since my last post.  

I am not sure how that year could have passed so swiftly but I do know that so much has transpired in that time.  

And you know what?  Time and life just seem to keep accelerating.

There are so, so many things I want to document and preserve before that acceleration pushes them even further into the recesses of my already poor memory.  

So with that in mind, and a new determination to keep this blog up for that very purpose; I am getting back to blogging.  

I am coming home to the only space I currently use, other than my personal journals and Instagram, to chronicle my life and my family. 

It's hard to know where to begin, so I am just going to start with a little snapshot of our lives today.

This was taken back in August but it's the most recent "formal" family picture.

As a family, we are well into the summer years of raising kids.  

We now have kind of two sets: the olders, and Liza.

Morgan is officially a teenager!  She just turned 13 two weeks ago, and is loving all things teen.  She spends her time Instagramming modest fashion, baking, diy-ing, texting friends, and has recently taken up running.  

Jake is 10, and will turn 11 in a couple months.  He is still all boy with a talent for soccer, and teasing his sisters.  The one however, that gets whatever she wants out of him is Liza.  She has that boy so wrapped around her tiny fingers.

Abby and Claire are still the cutest twins there ever was.  They continue to be attached at the hip and giggle constantly.  Occasionally there are squabbles, but for the most part they are total BFF's.  They are both still doing gymnastics, got baptized, and are wanting to give soccer a shot this spring.

Now on to Liza.  She doesn't turn 2 for another month, but her behavior tells a different story.  She is always up for anything.  She loves to "GO!"  She has the typical 2 year old tantrums down, but for the most part is really sweet and fun.  We all still dote over and adore her. Perks of being the baby of the family.

Trev is super busy with running Lighten Home Health, and adding Hospice; while serving in the Bishopric and being a wonderful husband and father.  He is seriously awesome!

I am a focused and dedicated wife and mother.  I just turned 35 (today!) and am trying to get us all settled into our new home and routine.  I still run, take pictures, and serve in the Young Women's.  

And now I can actually say I blog again too! 


Not to end on a sad note, but for those who don't know...after 14 years in our family, we had to put our sweet puppy, Daisy, down right before Christmas.

She was old and her back was rapidly degenerating, causing a lot of pain among other things.  

I don't believe there has ever been a sweeter dog.  She was loyal, friendly (unless you were another dog), and always there to give love.  

We miss our sweet puppy a lot, and frequently walk up the hill behind our home to visit her final resting place.  

On the other hand, we firmly believe she is having a blast chasing Grandpa Lighten's pigeons all around heaven.  It will be a sweet reunion to see her again one day.

We love our sweet Daisy.

Well that gives a little snippet into our lives right now.  I desire to document so much more of it here!

Oh, it sure feels good to be back. :)

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