Tuesday, May 30, 2017

The Light of the World

I have been thinking a lot about Him lately.

Who He was and still is.

What He did and still does.

How and why?

The only answer that makes any sense at all, is LOVE.  He was, is, did, and still does because He loves us.  Me.  You.  His Father in Heaven.  My Father in Heaven.

The more I think and learn of Him through focused scripture study, the more my understanding, connection to, and love for Him deepen.

How I want to be more like Him.  Motivated, guided, and strengthened by love.  More willing to serve and share that love with others.

He truly is the Light of the World.  His love for us is beyond comprehension.  The more I go to Him, the more I feel that love.  The more I look to Him, the more I see Him in every detail of life.

I know He lives.

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